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"Ki Te Ao Matihiko"


a kūwaha (gateway), that brings visitors into the virtual space of Mana Moana. The kūwaha comprises atua that attempts to identify a whakapapa of both the Mana Moana project as well as the virtual world within which we currently spend most of our time - and so.. there are four atua that complete the circular kūwaha: Hine-moana (atua of the Pacific Ocean), Tāne-nui-a-Rangi (creator of Hineahuone, father of Hine-tītama and procurer of the baskets of knowledge), Te Uira (atua of lightning) and Hine-te-iwaiwa (atua of weaving).


"Ki Te Ao Matihiko" was first presented as a digital sculpture on-line within the digital version of Mana Moana in 2020. It was then reworked and projected onto the water screen on the Wellington Waterfront. Mana Moana is the brain child of Rachel Rakena and Mike Busy, and produced by Story Box - find out more about this project here.

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