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is an open series of work that explores whakairo and 2Dimensional printing.
My practice usually revolves around 3D modeling "whakairo" within the digital realm - however it often outputs as 2Dimensional - this novel way of approaching our "carved traditions" offer new opportunities to explore it's potential.
The 2Dimensional outputs vary in medium - some are printed onto ply and others are printed onto paper - however their visual language are all grounded within mahi whakairo.
New tech also brings new reo. For example whakairo is a well known word that talks about the iro (maggot) - it eats away at the wood to reveal the final ‘carved’ form.  In the complete opposite, I use the word whakapī for 3D printing - the honey bee layers up wax to build up its hive.
Another kupu hou I use... whekehiko... translates as "electric octopus". Its a word I use to define 2D printing - as much like the octopus, digital printers spray their ink.

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